• Raw vinegar made with our un-pasteurized cider here at Johnston Fruit Farms! We make our vinegar through the slow and natural process in small batches with the "mother". Then bottled unfiltered, and never diluted, just straight from the spigot!


What's the difference between your ACV and other popular brands ?

Our ACV is NEVER diluted with water, other companies (including Braggs) dilute with water to 5% acidity. The mother present in some of the bottles may continue grow larger inside the bottle! Don't be alarmed, this just means the vinegar is healthy and active. We also use our own unpasteurized cider for our ACV which creates a better flavor.

Great ACV starts with great cider!


Why is it clear? Why does it vary in color?

Our apple cider vinegar is aged for at least 1-2 years. This means natural separation of small apple particles and spent yeast occurs and settles at the bottom of our aging tanks below the spigot . We NEVER filter our vinegar which means you may have growth of the mother in your bottle!

We make it in small batches which means the different apples we use have varying levels of tannins in each aging tank. Flavor and color vary from each batch!


Is ACV really useful for that may things?

It's not just used in BBQ sauces and pickling the uses seem to be unending! If used correctly and regularly, ACV has been said to improve gut health, detox your body, lower blood sugar, can be used as a hair rinse, will remove stubborn warts and the list goes on! Check with your natural health care provider or search the the internet to see other ways to use ACV.

Ask our owners and regular staff their favorite way they use ACV vinegar!

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