U-pick Flowers

Welcome to our 3 acres of flower gardens! We offer the relaxing experience of picking your own fresh local flowers (not to mention the enjoyment of viewing!) for just 12 dollars!  

What to Expect

-Please check in to our sales room to purchase a jar and borrow our clippers before entering.

-If you just want to take pictures or walk among the fields, you still must purchase a jar.

- $12.50 gets you a wide mouth mason jar, loaned clippers, tips on how to pick your flowers, and access to our u-pick fields!

-Save a dollar and bring your own vase! (similar diameter to a wide mouth mason jar) Larger vases will be priced accordingly 

- One jar gives your group access to the u-pick gardens, not everyone must buy a jar.

- If you're coming in the afternoon, hats and sunglasses and water are helpful in the hot sun. If you forget to bring water we have bottles for sale.

- Grass is planted and maintained in between rows wide enough for strollers to go down.

- Please keep your children close and do not let them jump over the rows or destroy the flowers.

- Only handle flowers that you plan to put in your jar.

- We often get the question "Can I bring my dog?" We love dogs! In fact, we have working farm dogs on the property, but sometimes male dogs lift their leg on the flowers... so we ask that you not take your dogs in the gardens! Thanks!

Some Flower Varieties include...

  • sunflowers
  • dahlias
  • lavender
  • hydrangeas
  • snapdragons
  • asters
  • ageratum
  • yarrow
  • zinnias
  • ornamental grasses
  • celosia
  • cosmos
  • dara
  • aclepsia
  • strawflowers
  • pincushion/ scabiosa
  • lemon eucalyptus
  • eucalyptus
  • basil
  • dusty miller
  • gomphrena
  • statice
  • talinum
  • starflower
  • craspedia
  • and more! 

Please note that flowers bloom at different times


For professional photographers we charge $25 which includes full access to our flower fields.

If your client would like to pick flowers during the session, it is $12 per jar.

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U-pick in Bulk

Bring a 5 gallon bucket and fill it up for only $55

This allows you to take home your flowers and make multiple bouquets/centerpieces for that bridal shower, baby shower, or dinner party you're hosting!

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