• Don't have time to make a bouquet? Pre-picked bouquets are available in the store to pick up most days. If you would like one custom made to fit your color palate and style, you can call our store to discuss color and size options!

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Style Examples

-Dark/dramatic - Purples/blues/reds

-Bold - Bright color combos like pinks purple orange with sunflower pops

-Wildflower/ whimsical- Airy flowers with texture and filler

-Pastels- pastel palate

-White- white palate 

    ***These are suggestions, ideas can be combined!  For example, all white bouquet with whimsical airy feel.


    - Small bouquets $15

    - Large bouquets $25

    - Other sizes in between small and large and varieties of flowers range from 18-$20

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    E-mail us for flower questions