Apple Availability

We grow all of our apples and pears here at this Orchard! We do not ship in any supplemental apples and we only sell to the public.  We are aiming to please our customers, which is why we offer so many varieties!  This also means when a variety runs out, it is out for the season. 

This table helps you eat varieties when they are at their peak season/flavor.  We are trying to encourage people to eat seasonally and locally (better for the environment and community) and learn when their favorite fruit ripens.

You can also call us or ask in store to be placed on a call list to be personally notified when a variety is ripe!

Apple ripening dates and uses


Please note... all varieties do not ripen at the same time.
Call us for current availability!


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Baking = pies, apple crisp, cakes etc.

* indicates antique variety 


Ripening Date

  Best for

 Tasting Notes

* Lodi mid July  sauce (beautiful smooth texture)
Pristine late July  eating, baking, salads, juicing, freezing
Sansa mid August  eating, juicing
Paula Red mid August  sauce, baking, eating, juicing, freezing
Akane ( Tokyo Rose ) mid August  eating, baking, cooking, salads, drying
Zestar mid August  eating, sauce, baking, freezing
Ginger Gold mid/late August  eating (low acid), sauce, salads (slow to brown), baking 
*Wealthy mid August  baking (unique heirloom baking apple), sauce, eating
* Gravenstein mid/late August  baking, sauce, eating, juicing
* Pink Pearl mid August  eating (pink flesh), sauce, baking, salads
Mollies Delicious late August  eating
* Cox Orange Pippin late August  eating, juicing, drying, baking
Gala early September  eating, juicing
McIntosh early/mid September  sauce, baking, eating, 
Summerset (NEW) early September  eating  Very similar to HC but more intense honey and tangier flavors.
Sweet Sixteen early September  eating, baking, sauce notes of raw sugar and hints of cherry licorice 
Fuji early September  eating, drying, storage, juicing 
* Blue Pearman early September  eating, baking, juicing mildly sweet tangy aftertaste, notes of vanilla, melon, pear, and caramel
* Opalescent early September  eating, baking Mildly sweet/tart. Hints of strawberry, pineapple, honey and floral notes
Honey Crisp early/mid September  eating, sauce, juicing  distinct breaking texture, juicy, mildly sweet with a little tangy finish
* Mother early/mid September eating, salads, baking, juicing, cooking highly aromatic, distinctly sweet and floral. notes of vanilla, spice, pear, and melon 
* Rubinette early/mid September
* Bramley's Seedling mid September
 * Jonathan mid September
Ambrosia mid September
Snow Sweet mid September
Cortland mid September
Pixi Crunch mid September
* Calville Blanc mid/late September Tarts/baking, eating, cider, sauce.  Flesh is tender, sweet, spicy, flavorful, with a banana-like aroma.  Mellows to a wonderful pear/pineapple with storage.
 *Grimes Golden mid/late September eating, sauces, pies and cider enhanced rich, spicy, tangy, with a honeyed sweet flavor. More flavorful than its offspring the Golden Delicious apple.
* Orleans Reinette mid/late September cider, cooking / sauce, baking, eating balance of acidity and sweetness. Nuttiness finished with a juicy, creamy, fine textured white flesh. 
 * Macoun mid/late September *** if you love McIntosh try these out instead! Use the same way *** baking, cooking / sauces, eating, cider beautiful purple red skin, McIntosh-style apple but a more superb flavor!  Snow white flesh, richly flavored, aromatic with berry undertones, excellent fresh eating quality!
 * Ashmead's Kernel late September Fresh Eating, Cider, Cooking and Sauce golden-brown rusted skin with a distinct crisp, nutty snap. They have  champagne-sherbet juice infused with a sugary and sharp character.
Empire late September
Red Delicious late September
* Holiday late September
Jonagold late September
Crimson Topaz late September
Yellow / Golden Delicious late Sept./early Oct.
Rosalee (NEW) early October
Sweet Zinger (NEW) early October
*Roxbury Russet early October
*Golden Russet early October
* Hudson's Golden Gem early October
* Wolf River early October
* Snow early October
Sun Crisp early October
Ida Red early October
* Harrison (cider variety) early October

* Melrose ( Ohio State Apple )

early/mid October
* Northern Spy mid October
Candy Crisp mid October
*  Lady mid October
* Spitzenburg mid October
Ever Crisp (NEW) mid October
* Wickson mid October cider, jellies, eating 
Brock mid October
* Golden Russet mid October
Cameo mid October
Mutsu mid October
Pink Lady  mid/late October
* Winesap (Stayman) mid/late October 
Gold Rush late October
Harvest Moon late October
Granny Smith late October
Wine Crisp late October
* Arkansas Black late October/early November



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